Màiri Śne Lammond

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Màiri Śne Lammond

Bho Thir Nan Craobh

Copyright (C) 1994 B&R Heritage Enterprises

Almost all of the songs that Màiri Śne sings on this album are from the oral Gaelic tradition of Cape Breton. All, that is, except the very first song from Ontario, which provides a fine illustration of the fact that Gaelic in Canada was by no means confined to Cape Breton and Eastern mainland Nova Scotia, but was found in areas all acros the country.

Na h-Orain

O, Tha mise Fo Ghruaimean
Air Faillirinn Iu
Cagaran Gaolach
Domhnaill Antaidh
A Chuachag Nam Beann
He Mo Leannan
Bodach Beag A Loinean
Ho Ro 'S Toigh Leam Fhin Thu
Cha Bhi Mi Buan
Ba Ba Ba Mo Leanabh
Dh'Olainn Deoch A Làimh Mo Ruin
Oran Gillean Alasdair Mhoir
Dan Do Shean Ford ¨

Lyrics are included for all songs.


¨ Short version of Dan Do Shean Ford

¨ Short version of Domhnaill Antaidh ¨


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