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"...It takes time to become a ghost or to make a ghost, and so the preponderance of our stories comes from other days and older times. But, go searching for them and you find that North Carolina can provide ghosts aplenty. There are those that haunt with a purpose and those that merely want to re-enact -- over and over again -- their most dramatic moments. They are beautiful and hideous. They are delicate, ladylike, and of gentle manner, and they roister and roughneck all over the place. Some are mischievous and have a sense of humor, others are downright vicious. They appear as men, women, and children and in just about every description and variety....

These North Carolina spirits have righted wrongs, brought criminals to justice, punished wayward husbands, avenged cruel deeds, and even gotten themselves in court records -- as active and hard working as any lot of spooks ever assembled. They come from, or inhabit, cabins and mansions, boats, trains, trails, and mountain recesses...

...supernatural happenings going on do more than raise your hair. They also reflect social customs of the past and give an insight into the lives of people today."

John Harden
Tar Heel Ghosts

Listen to ghost story author Nancy Roberts talk about the history of North Carolina ghost stories

Listen to Nancy Roberts tell the story about the time she actually saw a ghost

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