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Welcome to Grapebreeders, the web site of the Grape Breeders discussion forum.
The Grape Breeders discussion list was started on in 2002, as a means for anyone interested in the breeding of grape varieties to contact each other and exchange ideas. Members range from novices who want to learn  how to breed grapes, to experienced private breeders as well as university and other professional breeders. As the list grew, the members began to contribute an amazing collection of resources, including breeding records from private and university breeding programs, historical documents related to grapes and grape breeding, their own personal breeding experiences, and more. With so much material, it was apparent the group needed a website not just to store the material, but to make it readily available as a resource. After a couple of false starts, this website was started in December of 2005 and it is hoped it can be a repository of knowledge for anyone with an interest in breeding wine, table, and juice grapes and creating new varieties to extend the range and adaptibility of grape growing.

The Grape Breeders discussion list itself, while accessible only to members, is open to anyone with a genuine interest in breeding new grapes. To join the discussion list, go to and follow the instructions for signing up. You will have several options for receiving mail. The default setting is to get letters from members as they are sent. You can also set your subscription to "digest" to get letters in large batches, or "no mail" and receive none, but be able to go to the website and read and reply to mail there. There is no cost for joining, and lots of benefits in sharing with an excellent group of grape breeders.

Soeren Larsen, Grapebreeders Website author
Lon J. Rombough, Grapebreeders mailing list founder


Varieties info & Databases:     

Grape Variety List

Now 217 different Variety links, including the 4 new Varieties from Geiweilerhoff.

European Vitis Database

Or press and 3949 Varieties is on your screen !! (Takes time !)

Vitis International Variety Catelogue                                

15.992 prime names !!!

List of principal vine varieties and synonymous  

Liste des cépages principaux et de leurs synonymes

Grape varieties -- crosses and and genetic composition

Parentship to some verities. (Little Fat Wino)

Forschunganstalt Geisenheim

The best Varieties from Gm.

Grape Varieties for the Vinho Verde

Ampelographic Description of some grapes in Portugal.

Valpolicella Region

Grape descriptions.

Grape hybrid varieties and accessions' parentage and their genetic..

Compiled by: Dr. Michael J. Striem

Protocol for Distinctness & Uniformiity (BBCH info by UPOV page 34)

The protocol describes the technical procedures to be followed in order to meet

Zadok Scale   

 Zadok scale is very much like BBCH scale, by UPOV. (see above)

Eichorn-Lorenz Stages in Shoot Development in the Grapevine   

The Eichorn-Lorenz scale is not the same as BBCH…

Plant Sampling Instructions

More about Zadoc. (not about grapes..)

Lesser Known European Wine Grape Cultivars   (quality of wine in %)

Average wine quality of certain promising wine grape cultivars in the period 1992 -

Budbreak and Harvest dates for 31 grape varieties     

The following graphs show the average date (Fig. 1) and range in dates

Article about the "Rock Grape"     

Last year, Diane Pavek spent the summer exploring more than 12,000 miles

The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants

Joint effort by the Institute of Systemic Botany


The Germplasm Resources Information Network

The PLANTS Database

PLANTS is your national plant database.

Growing Wine Grapes in Maritime Western Washington

There are many unique features of growing wine grapes in western Washington,

GermBanks           (from Vitigen)

National Germplasm Repository System   .. 

Databases          (from Vitigen)

Large Online Databases, for Downloading or Browsing .. 

Online publication with photos and stories about U of  Minnesota winegrape  

At the University of Minnesota, we're known worldwide for expertise in cold hardy varieties.

The identification of a naturalized grape in Ontario    

A wild grape found in eastern Ontario near Garreton by Mr. Bob Woolham

Triplett blanc, Sweet Scarlet and Thomcord  

FPS Grape Program Newsletter 2004, and her is a 2002 number.

A new CSIRO-bred table grape variety    

Going on sale in Western Australia later this month is a new table grape variety

Cienna   ---   Rubienne   ---   Tyrian    

Three new winegrape varieties developed by CSIRO

Study1   ---   Study2   

Study of internode lengths on Concord, Fredonia, and Alwood (org. data)

Grapevine Varieties of the Institute Geilweilerhof   

Geilweilerhof own presentation of there latest Varieties.

U of Minnesota has posted a pdf file of its 2005 grape breeding report

Development and evaluation of cold hardy wine grape breeding selections and cultivars in the Upper Midwest  

Cornell University Geneva, NY     

Importation and evaluation of Eastern European Hybrid Grapes for Adaptability to Mid-western and Eastern Conditions

The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary     

This great homepage must also have a place here ....

Recommended Varieties for cultivation in Georgia 2002   

Georgian Local Varieties of Vine,  overview

Phillip Wagners Grape collection

Some good varieties descriptions

Grape Expectations                            

Until recent times any wine grape that could survive Minnesota’s harsh climate was celebrated


Private & breeders info:        


Pictures of Larsen's own Rondo x Regent. (Sorry only Danish)

Single Bud Cutting.

Pictures of Larsen's Single Bud Vine.

The grapebreeders Archives

Login page for the grapebreeders Archives

About Elmer Swenson & his variety list   

Link's to other pages about Elmer Swenson.

Bob Zehnder's Vineyard     Download the original pictures

Clifford Ambers' visit at Bob Zehnder's Vineyard.

The Swenson Grape Preservation Project

The The Swenson Preservation Project relies largely on volunteers to maintain

Help Identify this Grape       

This page is dedicated to one of those "a family member gave me this grape vine"

Grape Breeding at the Sweet Briar Community Garden

In an attempt to develop wine grapes uniquely suited to the Sweet Briar climate a

Grape Breeding Procedures     

Basic background on grape breeding, a beginners guide by Bruce Reisch

GDD, LTI and TTP index for grapegrowing           

A New Climate Index for Grape Growing in Short Season Areas

Vitis -- One Genus or Two?

Characteristics of the Vitis and the Muscadinia Section

Finland & viticulture   

Finnish aspects of growing the vine and drinking wine

Potential for extending Scandinavian wine cultivation   

Click under the "Full Text Access", button "Entire doc."

Salem Glen Vineyard Rochester, Minnesota

Arbotex and Grow Tube Pictures and Data

Grape Breeding Infomation Resources

Mark Hart's 'golden oldies' (reprints)

Welcome to Floridagrapes (as a grapebreeder, you have to know this page)

USDA Zone Definitions  

Based on the average annual minimum temperature

1990 / 2004 climate zones    

See the zones change.

Minnesota Grape Growers Association   

New features of the site are a discussion forum, cold climate varietal matrix and extensive links

MGGA CD          (from Vitigen)

The Minnesota Grape Growers Association grape literature on CD

Books          (from Vitigen)

Books to Buy, in Libraries, and Online  

Growing          (from Vitigen)

Basics of Grape Culture and Outline of Breeding

Photos          (from Vitigen)

Tips & Methods for Photographing Grapes..  

Rosa rugosa Thunb. ex Murray

Goto page 453-454 there is a lot of postulate about seed germination in different experiments

Plant Protection and Quarantine Plant and Plant Products Permits.

Nursery Stock, Including Seeds, of Non-Canadian Origin

Bucket Method for Green Rooting Bicolor   

Aaron Puhala's Bucket Method

Useful information by Lon J. Rombough      

Grapes are very easy to grow from cuttings

The demand for grape planting materials is at an all time high ..  

Rapid propagation of grape planting stock,  Us C.

Rapid propagation of grape planting stock    

Department of Viticulture & Enology, University of California, Davis, CA

Propagating Greenwood Cuttings     

By Gary Mogren, Windwater Vineyard and Nursery

Vineyard Rootstock Selection     

Rootstock selection is based on soil and climate conditions


Scientific Research & Technique

Comparative organization of chloroplast, mitochondrial and nuclear diversity in plant populations   

Not about grapes .... Plants offer excellent models to investigate how gene flow shapes the organization of genetic diversity.

Diversifying Selection in Plant Breeding  

Not about grapes ....  Here is the same Essay as a 4 Mbyte pdf file.

Plantbreeding          (from Vitigen)

Not about grapes ....  

Cornell Electronic library         

Hedrick, U. P. Manual of American grape-growing Macmillan, New York : 1919

Irrigation of winegrapes in California   

How much irrigation water is required to grow quality winegrapes

Three vine spacings, two trellis systems; Oakville , Napa Valley   

High grapevine planting density, is a relatively new concept in California viticulture

Improved Rooting of Vitis aestivalis    

More than 3,000 Norton hardwood cuttings were tested in an experiment


Material & Products for breeders:       

Gibberellic Acid (GA3)

Welcome to Super-Grow Scientific Plant Products

Botrytis Breakthrough  

A breakthrough botrytis fungicide which leaves no residue, has no withholding

Botrytis Breakthrough

The Lincoln University News Release on the same story

Potting Mixes Bio-Peat Minerals

Here you can buy Jack's Dirt in 30 LB Bag                                 

Plant Lighting Hydroponics            

Check our line of Sunlight Switchable and Hydrofarm Convertible Grow Lights

Aluminum Tree Tags    

Each round aluminum tag is permanently stamped with consecutive numbers.

Greenhouse & Nursery supplies     

Catalog is in pdf format

Monarch Manufacturing     

Plant propagation & Protective System


Material & Products for Grape growing :       

Smith Postyard

Hedge Post & Poles.

Welcome to JDL Sales and Service, Inc.

High-tensile wire and lodge pole pine pressure treated posts


Technique and Method for Grape Culture     

Hot Water Treatment  

Hot water treatment in commercial nursery practice

Hot Water Treatment  

Control of phylloxera and nematodes goto appendix 4 in the document

Hot Water Treatment  

Safe Movement of Grapevine Germplasm,   

Hot Water Treatment  

Hot-Water Treatments for on Dormant Grape Cuttings

2 Mb pdf Report on an International Vine Nursery Study Tour

This Report also contains info about HWT.

The Effects of Cover Crops and Compost on Grapevine Nutrition

Recent research has indicated that nitrogen (N) should be applied during


Dr. Carmo Vasconcelos, Oregon State University powerpoint show

Soil water measurement    

Efficient irrigation requires a systematic water management program

Pruning Strategy for Frost Protection

The Illinois "Grape Communicator" newsletter May / June 2005

Pruning Grapevines in Michigan

Pruning is the most important cultural practice in the management of grapevines

Anatomy of Grapevine Winter Injury and Recovery

Severely cold winter temperatures can significantly impact grapevine productivity

A Guide for Missouri Growers : Cold Hardiness of Grapes

Grapevine hardiness is a major factor in the selection of species and varieties

"Grapevine Crown Gall"  (a common problem with winter-injured trunks)

Many times grapevines will experience some type of winter damage.

"Winter-Winter-Winter" an interesting Canadian perspective

This guide has argued hard that the benefits of Prince Edward County

Dept. of Horticulture, Iowa State University   

ISU Viticulture Research, very large pdf files !! but very fine presentations !!

Trellising the Grape: An Unsung Aspect of Wine Quality    

Most wine drinkers never think about how the grapes that made their wine hang on the vine

Gain up to 10 F during night temperature. !   

An ambitious effort to study and implement various means of protecting Vitis Vinifera vines in a New England winter.


Research for Grape Culture     

International Grape Genome Program       

Welcome to the web site

A gene controlling sex in grapevines      

Genetic maps of Vitis (2n = 38) have been constructed

Seedlessness Character in Grapevine      

We have initiated a marker assisted selection program for seedlessness

Grape Genetics:        

Research Reports from the Cornell Grape Breeding Program

International Symposium on Grapevine Genetics and Breeding

Online articles

Scientific 2002 Symposium S05      

A pdf file from a 2002 Viticulture symposium, with several items on grape breeding.

The Small Fruits Review Monographic “Separates”   

The Use of a Bud Freezing Technique to Determine the Hardiness of 20 Grape Genotypes

Measuring Cold Hardiness in Woody Plants

Cold hardiness is a key factor limiting the distribution and productivity of perennial horticultural plants in northern areas.

Freezing Behaviors in Plant Tissues

Freezing behaviours in plant tissues as visualized by NMR microscopy and their regulatory mechanisms

General Genetics         (from Vitigen)

Introduction to General Genetics.    

Grape Genetics          (from Vitigen)

Genetics Applied to Grapes and Grape Development   

Genetic Engineering          (from Vitigen)

Genetic Engineering and Applications to Grapes  

Embryo Rescue          (from Vitigen)

Techniques for assisted reproduction of 'seedless' varieties.  


Foundation Plant Services (FPS) was established as a public service

In regions of highly diversified agriculture, herbicides used in one field may not be compatible with crops growing in nearby fields   

"Biomonitoring with sentinel plants to assess exposure on nontarget crops to
atmospheric deposition of herbicide residues"

Kansas State University publication, including info on 2,4-D susceptibility of a number of hybrid varieties    

Questions and Answers About Vineyard Injury from Herbicide Drift

Stress reactions in Vitis vinifera following soil application of the herbicide flumioxazin"    

In order to evaluate the stress effects of flumioxazin (fmx) on grapevine, a non-target plant ...


Disease and Insect pest:      

Grape Insect Pests

Lot of Links to Common Grape Pests, Management & General Information.

Insect & Disease Identification Guide For Grapes

Early recognition of disease, insect and mite problems in vineyards is important

Powdery mildew               

Strategies to control Powdery Mildew,  ,  

Powdery mildew               

Use of Baking Soda as a Fungicide

Powdery mildew               

The following is a brief description of some disease control materials that are ...

Natural Bug Sprays           

Ladybugs, praying mantis, lacewings, spiders, and horse hair snakes are among the

Der Virtuelle Rebendoktor    

Many pictures of different disease in Grapes.   

Die natürlichen Feinde der Reblaus    not working ....

The natural enemies of phylloxera.       Bablefish translation

Grapevine Crown Gall:

Many times grapevines will experience some type of winter damage.

Western Farm Press   

Lime sulfur seen as aid for black measles of grapes

Mycophagous Mites And Foliar Pathogens:

Leaf Domatia Mediate Tritrophic Interactions In Grapes

Disease          (from Vitigen)

Diseases and Pests of Grapes, and Remedies  

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines     

University of California's official guidelines for pest monitoring techniques

Control of downy mildew of grapevines     

by boosting their natural defence system


Wine making:     

Winemaking and Wine Appreciation Clubs

Forward you to Jack Keller’s amazing collection of links.  

Making Tablewine at home

The Complete Publication in PDF can be downloaded here.  ( 2,9 Mbyte)

The Wine/Enology - Grape Chemistry Group

Exists primarily to support the growing grape and wine industry in Virginia

Making Wine With Frontenac   

Handling Frontenac isn't difficult; it's just different


Brettanomyces is a common defect in wine

Regional winemaking, and grape varieties in US     

All fifty states now offer some form of a commercial wine industry


Grapebreeders in USA,

Holding your mouse on a site, you will get you a pop-up with name, location & GDD info.  This GDD is calculated from the average month temperature during the past 20 years ( from ). Now the info from here is limited to a 12 months temperature index, meaning that I could miss up to ½ a month GDD in spring and ½ a month in the other end of the warm GDD season. So you probably have to add 100-200 GDD in worst case.

Grapebreeders in EU,

Please send any interesting grapebreeder info toSorry, you can't cut and paste this address. (I'm still spam free).




Farm, Loudon, GDD 2040F / 1130C Dave Burley Mark Hart Jacob Belanger David, Everett, GDD 1710F / 950C Lon Rombough, Aurora, GDD 1985F / 1100C Paul Troop Don Roberge Carl Camper, Colstrip, GDD 2205F / 1225C Phil Napoli, Wyoming, GDD 1765F / 980C Clifford P. Ambers, Monroe, GDD 3360F / 1870C Patrick Pierquet, Minneapolis, GDD 2530F / 1410C Kip Summers, Brentwood, GDD 4100F / 2280C Steve & Stephen Payton, Decatur, GDD 3420F / 1900C Philip Stewart, Gainesville, min. GDD 5500F / 3360C Bob Hudson , Dearborn Heights, GDD 2810F / 1560C Duane Smith, Evans Mills, GDD 2150F / 1200C