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          The FIST
          by Linda Lee

          Scarlet N crimson drops,
          rape my fresh white gown,
          as the hard knuckled Fist,
          smashes my wedding face.

          I am lost, I am lost,
          my brain reels as,
          white hot pain,
          sears my vision,
          Slam! . . . The Fist .

          I am flying, I am flying,
          my body flung hard,
          against a yellow wall,
          again The Fist, crashes my jaw.

          I am screaming, I am screaming
          my thoughts browned to dull,
          bounce off blood stained halls,
          my ears hear .. . fear, The Fist.

          I am dreaming I am dreaming
          blows rain down,
          darkness draws close,
          limp like rag doll,
          The Fist, no more.

          The legal blue man
          towers over The Fist,
          to take it away,
          with charges to be pressed,

          I am crying I am crying
          this I cannot do,
          It is my husband. . . .
          my lover . . .

          MY FAULT.