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          Lust: Pure & Simple
          by R.M.G.

          The funny thing is,
          I never really loved him
          He was just a good lay.
          It's funny how hormones trick
          when everything is steamy
          and orgasms hit you like
          tidal waves--
          then you start to think
          is a positive human trait-
          and the bruises on
          your inner thighs
          are mementos just
          that short of
          your favorite accessories-
          saving boxers-
          the after 3 month
          breakup phone call
          is an indicator of
          a good love, I mean lay-
          "So how are you...?
          -"fine-are you
          still dating what's
          her name...?"
          "We're just good friends...
          I been meaning to ask
          you about my favorite
          boxers-I mean-
          if you're home-
          I'll just swing by
          and pick them up..."
          "Hmm...why not,
          oh-and by the way-
          stop by the drug store."
          "See you in five"
          "Umm hmm."