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Appendix 16

U-boats Sunk by U.S. Forces with the Aid of Communications Intelligence


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
43IXa30 Jul 43USS Santee aircraft VC/2934°57'N35°11'W
66IXc01 May 44USS Block Island aircraft and USS Buckley17°17'N32°29'W
67IXc16 Jul 43USS Core aircraft VC/1330°05'N44°17'W
68IXc10 Apr 44USS Guadalcanal aircraft VC/5833°25'N18°59'W
84VIIb24 Aug 43USS Core aircraft VC/1327°09'N37°03'W
86VIIb29 Nov 43USS Bogue39°33'N19°01'W
117Xb07 Aug 43USS Core aircraft39°32'N38°21'W
118Xb12 Jun 43USS Bogue30°49'N33°49'W
128IXc17 May 43USS Moffett, Jouett, and aircraft10°00'S35°35'W
154IXc03 Jul 44USS Frost and Inch34°00'N19°30'W
156IXc08 Mar 43USN aircraft VP/5312°38'N54°49'W
159IXc15 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/32/1015°58'N73°44'W
160IXc14 Jul 43USS Santee and aircraft VC/2933°54'N27°13'W

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U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
161IXc27 Sep 43USN aircraft VP/7412°30'S35°35'W
164IXc06 Jan 43USN aircraft VP/8301°58'S39°23'W
172IXc12 Dec 43USS Bogue aircraft and four escorts26°19'N29°58'W
174IXc27 Apr 43USN aircraft VB/12543°35'N56°18'W
176IXc15 May 43US aircraft and Cuban PB SC 1323°21'N80°18'W
177IXd206 Feb 44USN aircraft VB/10710°35'S23°15'W
183IXc/4023 Apr 45USS Besugo04°57'S112°52'E
185IXc/4024 Aug 43USS Core aircraft27°00'N37°06'W
197IXd230 Aug 43US aircraft N/365 and C/25928°40'S42°36'E
199IXd231 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/74 and Brazilian aircraft23°54'S42°54'W
217VIId05 Jun 43USS Bogue aircraft30°18'N42°50'W
220Xb28 Oct 43USS Block Island48°53'N33°30'W
233Xb05 Jul 44USS Thomas and Baker42°16'N59°49'W
248VIIc16 Jan 45CTG 22.847°43'N26°37'W
359VIIc28 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/33/115°57'N68°30'W

-- 220 --


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
378VIIc20 Oct 43USS Core aircraft47°40'N28°27'W
389VIIc05 Oct 43US aircraft F/26962°43'N27°17'W
402VIIc13 Oct 43USS Card aircraft48°56'N29°41'W
405VIIc01 Nov 43USS Borie49°00'N31°14'W
422VIIc04 Oct 43USS Card aircraft43°18'N28°58'W
460XIV04 Oct 43USS Card aircraft43°13'N28°58'W
487XIV13 Jul 43USS Core aircraft VC/1327°15'N34°18'W
488XIV26 Apr 44USS Frost, Huse and others17°54'N38°05'W
490XIV11 Jun 44USS Croatan aircraft and escorts42°47'N40°08'W
505IXc04 Jun 44USS Guadalcanal aircraft, USS Chatelaine and Pillsbury, captured by U.S. Navy21°30'N19°20'W
507IXc13 Jan 43US aircraft PATRON 8301°38'S39°52'W
509IXc15 Jul 43USS Santee aircraft VC/2934°02'N26°02'W
513IXc19 Jul 43US aircraft VP/7427°17'S47°32'W
515IXc09 Apr 44USS Guadalcanal aircraft VC/58, USS Pope and others34°35'N19°18'W

-- 221 --


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
518IXc22 Apr 45USS Carter and Scott43°26'N38°23'W
521IXc02 Jun 43US PC 56537°43'N73°13'W
524IXc22 Mar 43US aircraft 1480/930°15'N18°13'W
525IXc/4011 Aug 43USS Card aircraft41°29'N38°55'W
527IXc/4023 Jul 43USS Bogue aircraft35°25'N27°56'W
537IXc/4009 Nov 44USS Flounder07°13'S115°17'E
543IXc/4002 Jul 44USS Wake Island aircraft VC/5825°34'N21°36'W
544IXc/4016 Jan 44USS Guadalcanal40°30'N37°20'W
546IXc/4024 Apr 45USS Flaherty and Co.43°53'N40°07'W
548IXc/4030 Apr 45USS Natchez36°34'N74°00'W
549IXc/4029 May 44USS Eugene E. Elmore31°13'N23°03'W
550IXc/4016 Apr 44USS Candy, Joyce, Petersen, and others40°09'N69°44'W
569VIIc22 May 43USS Bogue aircraft50°40'N35°21'W
572VIIc03 Aug 43US aircraft VP/20511°33'N54°05'W
575VIIc13 Mar 44USS Bogue, HMCS Prince Rupert, and aircraft B/172 and R/20646°18'N27°34'W

-- 222 --


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
584VIIc31 Oct 43USS Card aircraft49°14'N31°55'W
590VIIc09 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/9403°22'N48°38'W
591VIIc30 Jul 43USN aircraft VB/12708°36'S34°34'W
598VIIc23 Jul 43US aircraft VP/10704°05'S33°23'W
603VIIc01 Mar 44USS Bronstein (Block Island)48°55'N26°10'W
604VIIc03 Aug 43USS Moffett and aircraft VB/10709°10'S29°43'W
613VIIc23 Jul 43USS Badger35°32'N28°36'W
615VIIc06 Aug 43USN aircraft VP 205, VP204, VB 130 and VB 1012°38'N64°15'W
64VIIc24 Dec 43USS Scherk45°20'N21°40'W
662VIIc21 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/9403°56'N48°46'W
664VIIc09 Aug 43USS Card aircraft40°12'N37°29'W
681VIIc11 Mar 45US aircraft N/10349°53'N06°31'W
707VIIc09 Nov 43US aircraft J/22040°31'N20°17'W
709VIIc01 Mar 44USS Thomas and Bostwick49°10'N60°00'W
759VIIc26 Jul 43USN aircraft VP/3218°06'N75°00'W

-- 223 --


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
801IXc/4016 Mar 44USS Block Island aircraft and escorts16°42'N30°28'W
847IXd227 Aug 43USS Card aircraft28°19'N37°58'W
848IXd205 Nov 43USN aircraft VB/107 and USAAF aircraft10°09'S18°00'W
849IXd225 Nov 43USN aircraft VB/10706°30'S05°40'W
850IXd220 Dec 43USS Bogue aircraft32°54'N37°01'W
853IXc/4006 May 45USS Atherton and Moberley41°13'N71°27'W
856IXc/4007 Apr 44USS Champlin and Huse40°18'N62°22'W
857IXc/4007 Apr 45USS Gustafson42°22'N69°46'W
860IXd215 Jun 44USS Solomons25°27'S05°30'W
863IXd229 Sep 44USN aircraft VB/10710°45'S25°30'W
866IXc/4018 Mar 45TG 22.14 USS Lowe and Menges43°18'N61°08'W
869IXc/4028 Feb 45USS Fowler and FFS L'Indescret34°30'N08°13'W
880IXc/4016 Apr 45USS Stanton and Frost47°53'N30°26'W
881IXc/4006 May 45USS Farquha43°18'N47°44'W
986VIIc17 Apr 44USS Moffett, Staff, Swift, and PC 61950°09'N12°51'W

-- 224 --


U-boat Type Date Sunk Responsible Unit Latitude Longitude
1059VIIf19 Mar 44USS Block Island aircraft13°10'N33°44'W
1062VIIf30 Sep 44USS Fessenden11°36'N34°44'W
1224IXc/4013 May 44USS Robinson
102329Z May 44 - 5 letter code DF'd 23°30'N - 35°00'W
1228IXc/4009 May 45Surrendered at Potsmouth, New Hampshire  
1235IXc/415 Apr 45USS Stanton and Frost47°54'N30°25'W
1-52 24 Jun 44USS Bogue15°N39°40'W

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U.S. Radio Intelligence Kills - 1943

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U.S. Radio Intelligence Kills - 1944

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U.S. Radio Intelligence Kills - 1945


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