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How to obtain photographic reproductions

The Naval History and Heritage Command (formerly the Naval Historical Center) has no official photographic reproduction system, and makes no loans of photographic material.

However, There are several ways to obtain photographic reproductions of images in the Command's Photographic Section collections:

Option # 1: Use the Naval Historical Foundation Photo Service.
The Naval Historical Foundation, a non-profit organization, has made arrangements to reproduce unrestricted photographs from the Naval History and Heritage Command's collections. This non-exclusive service is offered as a convenience to those wishing to obtain photographic reproductions. Rates are comparable to those charged for similar services by other institutions.

  • To contact the Naval Historical Foundation Photo Service, call (202) 678-4431,
    or E-Mail

    Option # 2: Visit the Photographic Section Office (in Building 108 of the Washington Navy Yard--just upstairs from the Navy Department Library) and copy or digitally scan file photographs that are in the Public Domain or are otherwise unrestricted.

  • One copy stand is available for visitors' use, with incandescent lights that are not color-corrected. All other equipment will have to be provided by the user. Working areas with nearby electrical outlets are available for visitors who bring their own copy or scanning setups.
  • Staff time limitations may restrict the number of pictures that can be made available for this purpose --
    Call Us First (202-433-2765) to obtain additional information and to ensure that we will be available to help you.
  • See Visiting the Naval History and Heritage Command for further details on office location, parking and related matters.

    Option # 3: Obtain the Services of another Photographer to do the copy work for you. A list is provided of local Commercial Photographers who may be able to undertake this task.

    For Additional Information, Call (202) 433-2765, weekdays from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

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