Appendix 11

No distinctive South African awards existed during World War II. Acts of gallantry and distinguished services were recognized by the grant of British Awards on the recommendation of the respective Headquarters under which individuals were serving at the time. As a result, until the creation of a separate East Africa Command on 15 September 1941, honours and awards bestowed upon members of the South African Forces serving both in East Africa and in Egypt were published in the London Gazette with little or no distinction being made between the North African and East African theatres. The list which follows includes honours and awards made on the recommendation of both Middle East and East Africa Commands and known to be for individual acts, or confidently assumed to be for services rendered, in the East African Campaign.


Rank Name Unit or Corps
Companion of the Order of the Bath (C.B.)
Maj.-Gen. G. E. Brink, D.S.O. St.C.

Rank Name Unit or Corps Rank Name Unit or Corps
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.)
Brig. O. J. Hansen, M.C. St.C. Col. J. P. de Villiers S.A.M.C.
Brig. A. J. Orenstein, C.M.G. St.C.
Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.)
Brig. B. F. Armstrong St.C. Lt.-Col. P. M. G. le Roux, V.D. 1 R.N.C.
Brig. D. H. Pienaar St.C.
Col. S. J. Joubert St.C. Lt.-Col. G. T. Senescall, V.D. D.E.O.R.
Lt.-Col. C. L. Engelbrecht 2 F.F.B. Major N. B. Gettliffe 1 T.S.
Major J. L. Gordon-Gray S.A.A. Major L. M. Harris N.M.R.
Lt.-Col. E. P. Hartshorn, D.C.M., E.D. 1 T.S. Major Major R. H. E. Murray H. A. Olsen S.A.A. 1 T.S.
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.)
Lt.-Col. A. Block, D.S.O. S.A.A. Major W. R. Greathead S.A.E.C.
Lt.-Col. C. N. de Villiers 'Q'S.C. Major P. H. Lewis 'Q'S.C.
Lt.-Col. S. H. Jeffrey S.A.A. Major H. Mill-Colman S.A.E.C.
Lt.-Col. J. A. F. Michell S.A.C.S. Major F. Newby S.A.E.C.
Lt.-Col. D. E. Paterson, M.C. S.A.E.C. Major J. F. Oldfield S.A.E.C.
Lt.-Col. S. B. Shannon, M.C. S.A.E.C. Major R. J. L. Simpson S.A.A.
Lt.-Col. D. B. Strachan S.A.M.C. Major H. D. W. Smith S.A.E.C.
Major F. E. Bergh G.S.C. Major J. H. Tandy, M.C. S.A.E.C.
Major J. P. Dalton S.A.Int.C. Major F. Walker 'T'S.C.
Major E. D. S. Fergus S.A.E.C. Major J. D. Wicht S.A.M.C.
Major G. E. Gascoigne S.A.E.C.
Member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.)
Lt.-Col. W. F. Short S.A.E.C. Major E. V. Frykberg S.A.C.S.
Major D. N. Carpenter LT.S. Major F. W. Pettifer 'Q'S.C.
Major A. H. Coy 'Q'S.C. Major D. A. W. Ruck S.A.Int.C
Major F. M. Ford Major A. M. Steele S.A.E.C.


Rank Name Unit or Corps Rank Name Unit or Corps
Capt. J. D. Allen S.A.M.C. Capt. J. L. Pearce 'Q'S.C.
Capt. R. M. MacK. S.A.E.C. Capt. S. E. V. Quin St.C.(V)
  Cormack Capt. O. W. Rascher S.A.E.C.
Capt. A. E. Coy 'T'S.C. Capt. M. Rowland-Jones R.N.C.
Capt. W. S. L. de Villiers S.A.E.C. Capt. H. H. Samson S.A.M.C.
Capt. B. Franck 'Q'S.C. Capt. J. M. Stacey S.A.E.C.
Capt. G. W. Hamper St.C. Capt. A. Stephen S.A.M.C.
Capt. A. G. Hawarden S.A.E.C. Capt. L. S. Sleyn S.A.T.C.
Capt. R. L. Harris S.A.A. Capt. J. Vincent R.N.C.
Capt. J. G. Lentzner S.A.E.C. Lieut. A. E. Stadler S.A.E.C.
Capt. W. C. Lyall G.S.C. W.O. II C. W. Hamer S.A.A.
Capt. H. C. Mullins S.A.E.C.
Bar to Military Cross
Capt. M. P. Comrie R.N.C. Lieut. H. C. Nightingale, M.C. S.AInt.C.
Military Cross (M.C.)
Major C. McN. Cochran SA.Ir. Lieut. H. J. Barker S.A.E.C.
Major S. B. Gwillam S.A.T.C. Lieut. G. Barton-Bridges S.A.E.C.
Major H. L. Silberbauer D.E.O.R. Lieut. R. J. T. Irwin S.A.T.C.
Capt. A. E. Blarney N.M.R. Lieut. R. W. P. Nicholson R.N.C.
Capt. A. W. Briscoe 1 T.S. Lieut. D. G. Norton R.N.C.
Capt. N. T. Coetzee S.A.A. Lieut. W. H. Oldrieve 2 R.B.
Capt. M. P. Comrie R.N.C. Lieut. J. J. Oosthuizen S.A.A.
Capt. F.J. H. D. deMarigny S.A.M.C. Lieut. J. G. Potts S.A.T.C.
Capt. G. A. Harrison D.E.O.R. Lieut. E. F. Schuster S.A.A.
Capt. B. O. Smith D.E.O.R. Lieut. A. H. E. M. Shaw D.E.O.R.
Capt. S. v. d. V. Snyman S.A.A. Lieut. L. G. Williamson S.A.T.C.
Capt. E. E. Steyn S.A.A. 2/Lieut. C. K. Brown S.A.T.C.
Capt. J. S. Storey S.A.A. 2/Lieut. J. M. Gosnell S.A.E.C.
Capt. R. C. Tomlinson R.N.C. 2/Lieut. P. E. B. Halliwell S.A.T.C.
Capt. J. R.J. vanRensburg 2 F.F.B 2/Lieut. J. C. Molteno D.E.O.R.
Capt. D. Vincent 1 T.S. 2/Lieut. C. St. J. Rodda 1 T.S.
Lieut. H. J. Anderson S.A.T.C.
Distinguished Conduct Medal (D.C.M.)
Sgt. D. W. Armstrong R.N.C. Cpl. J. D. Raw R.N.C.
Sgt. P. G. Holmes R.N.C. L/Cpl. R. K. Purdon N.M.R.
Cpl. H. St. C. Lightfoot 1 T.S Pte. F. R. Potterill 1 T.S.
Military Medal (M.M.)
S/Sgt. P. M. Brodigan S.A.T.C. Cpl. N. C. Coleman S.A.T.C.
S/Sgt. H. A. Durandt 2 F.F.B. Cpl. F. C. Foxon R.N.C.
Sgt. J. S. Clark 3 T.S. Cpl. J. R. Kirk S.A.Ir.
Sgt. I. M. Davidson S.A.T.C. Cpl. H. V. W. Klopper 1 T.S.
Sgt. W. K. Emberson S.A.A. Cpl. R. W. Sayers D.E.O.R.
Sgt. H. R. Kent S.A.T.C. L/Cpl. J. Wallis S.A.E.C.
Sgt. A. C. P. Liebenberg R.N.C. L/Bdr. E. H. Wocke S.A.A.
Sgt. E. M. Osborn R.N.C. Pte. V. A. Brand D.E.O.R.
Sgt. J. D. Putter S.A.A. Pte. D. J. Callaghan S.A.Ir.
Sgt. A. E. Shelver 2 F.F.B. Pte. V. B. F. Clarke 1 T.S.
Sgt. S. A. Stokes 1 T.S. Pte. M. E. Cole N.M.R.
Sgt. G. W. Tytherleigh S.A.E.C. Pte. E. L. Dold 'Q'S.C.
Sgt. M. T. van Zyl R.N.C. Pte. E. Ford 1 T.S.
Sgt. B. Vorster S.A.A. Gnr. A. B. Frank S.A.A.
Bdr. J. H. S. Bettle S.A.A. Pte. J. H. Guest 1 T.S.
Cpl. P. C. Bowman 1 T.S. Pte. M. J. Hackland R.N.C.
Cpl. D. S. Bresler S.A.M.C. Tpr. E. J. Lammas S.A.T.C.
Cpl. K. E. Christie S.A.C.S. Pte. P. C. Pope-Ellis R.N.C.


Rank Name Unit or Corps Rank Name Unit or Corps
Pte. A. M. Ruda 1 T.S. Gnr. J. F. D. Thompson S.A.A.
Pte. H. R. Stiger D.E.O.R. Gnr. J. P. Vosloo S.A.A.
Pte. W. A. Sutton R.N.C.
British Empire Medal (B.E.M.)
S/Sgt. H. H. Ferreira S.A.E.C. Sgt. H. Mansell S.A.E.C.
S/Sgt. J. C. Hosie TS.C. Cpl. S. A. Honey S.A.E.C.
S/Sgt. E. A. Rowley D.E.O.R. Cpl. A. S. van Wyk S.A.E.C.
S/Sgt. F. F. Williamson TS.C. L/Cpl. S. A. Zeederberg S.A.E.C.
Sgt. E. Augustine "TS.C. Spr. H. A. Lamprecht S.A.E.C.
Sgt. M. M. Coetzee D.E.O.R Spr. B. G. Veronie S.A.E.C.
Sgt. J. P. de Jager S.A.E.C.

Space does not permit of the listing of the numerous Mentions in Despatches which were gazetted for service during the East African and Abyssinian Campaign.

Honours and Awards for the Middle East, as distinct from East Africa, will be listed separately in the next volume of this series.


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