Appendix 6

A Blackshirt Battalion consisted of a Headquarters Company, plus four Rifle Companies, each of a Headquarters platoon and three rifle platoons. Headquarters Company carried 12 mortars. Establishment was 30 officers, 910 other ranks, with 48 light machine-guns, 12 mortars and 69 pack animals.

A Blackshirt 'Africa' Battalion differed considerably from the above, and had a Headquarters Company, two Machine-Gun Companies, a Light Tank Company and an Armoured Car Company. Establishment was 19 officers, 690 other ranks, with 16 machine-guns, 36 (47 mm) mortars, 15 CV3 light tanks, 16 armoured cars, 4 motor-cycles, 55 light vehicles and 12 heavy vehicles.

Ranks in the Blackshirt Militia (with their equivalents) were as follows:

Console--Colonel   Primo Seniore--Lieut.-Colonel
Seniore--Major   Centurione--Captain
Capo Manipolo--Lieutenant   Sotto Capo Manipolo--2nd Lieutenant


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Transcribed and formatted by Larry Jewell & Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation