Operational Code Names



  'BATTLEAXE'   Operation in the Western Desert, June 1941
  'BREVITY'   Probing attack in the Western Desert, May 1941
  'EXPORTER'   The advance into Syria, June 1941
  'HALBERD'   Convoy of storeships for Malta, September 1941
  'LUSTRE'   Transport of British forces to Greece, March 1941
  'MARIE'   Plan to seize French Somaliland by a Free French coup d'état
  'SPLICE'   Fly-off of Hurricanes to Malta, May 1941
  'STYLE'   Warships carrying troops to Malta, August 1941
  'SUBSTANCE'   Convoy of storeships for Malta, July 1941
  'TIGER'   Convoy of fast merchant ships carrying tanks and aircraft for Egypt, May 1941


  'Barbarossa'     The attack on Russia, June 1941
  'Marita'     Invasion of Greece through Bulgaria
  'Merkur'     The capture of Crete, May 1941



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