To Do

There are at least 2 ways you can assist in the progress of this hypertext documentary history of the Second World War:

  1. Acquisition of the material to be transcribed. A "wish list" of histories is maintained at ("New wish list"). Our funds to make these purchases are extremely limited at this time, so purchase of any of these volumes would be of critical help.

  2. Once we have the volumes in hand, they still need to be transcribed for posting on the web site. See below for a list of pending projects. When contacting HyperWar to volunteer, we will want to know:

    1. What topic(s) you are most interesting in. As you can see below, we already have a wealth of material lined up on many topics, so there's no need to pick something "boring"!

    2. What your skill level is on computers. Fear not! Whether you simply transcribe the text into unformatted files, or produce fully-formatted HTML files with maps and photos, it is a big step forward for the project. We will provide templates for the "look and feel" of the finished documents, and coaching for novices. If you're not already HTML literate, this may be your chance to learn...

[Volunteers with access to any of the volumes are especially welcome! We can supply photo-copies of some of the documents not already in machine readable format, but do not have the resources to supply copies of books.]

Email us at HyperWar Team

Electronic Files (text, Word, PDF, & HTML)

(We can supply the files to work from)

U.S. Army Air Force

U.S. Navy

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Marine Corps

British Histories

Australian Histories

Online in PDF format -- need to be converted to HTML, formatted for HyperWar standards, and hyperlinked with the rest...