Including the United States Coast Guard, which operates as part of the Navy during wartime.

[Titles in bold face are those definitely planned for phase one of this project: the Pacific Theater of Operations. Phase two will finish the war with Japan, covering the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations. If I live that long, phase three will then cover the European Theater of Operations. However, "targets of opportunity" may result in early inclusion of some material.]

Links to additional resources

Organization & Administration of the Navy in World War II

U.S. Navy at War 1941-1945
Official Reports to the Secretary of the Navy
Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, U.S. Navy

Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945
All U.S. Navy vessel types. Giving naming conventions and links to lists of all ships for each type--which list ships by classes, with descriptions and links to pages for individual ships--giving profile, characteristics, history, and photographs of the ship.

U.S. Navy Fleet and Task Force Organizations

A Chronological History of the U.S. Navy in World War II
by Robert J. Cressman
(revised 1999 edition)

United States Submarine Losses--World War II
by Robert J. Cressman
(revised 1999 edition)

Office of Naval Intelligence Combat Narratives

History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II
by Samuel Eliot Morison
[Included for reference purposes, the work is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced here]

Other US Navy Histories

Navy Organizations

Naval Stations and Facilities

Miscellaneous References
Doctrine, Technical References, Training Manuals, etc.
[Separate List]

Combat Aircraft of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945
(Under construction)

Odds & Ends

The U.S. Coast Guard in World War II

Additional Resources
Asbestos Exposure Information

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