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The Adventures of Captain Hatteras

William Butcher

OUP 2005



First part of Introduction

chapters 1-5

notes to chapters 1-5

Hetzel's announcement


Selected notes in Polish

‘If ever a human foot is to tread the Pole, it has to be a British one!’

First Mate Shandon receives a mysterious letter asking him to construct a reinforced steamship in Liverpool. As he heads out for Melville Bay and the Arctic labyrinth, a crewman reveals himself as John Hatteras, and his obsession, the Pole. Despite appalling cold and hunger, the captain treks across the frozen wastes in search of fuel. Abandoned by his crew, Hatteras remains without resources at the coldest spot on earth. How can he find food and explore the Polar Sea? And what will he find at the top of the world?

This new translation by the father of Verne Studies series brilliantly conveys the hypnotic mood and gripping authenticity of Verne’s second novel. This edition also includes the original, censored ending, previously unpublished chapters, and evidence of Verne's plagiarism.



‘outstanding ... one of the world's most outstanding Verne scholars’, Michael Dirda, Dirda on Books, 3 Aug. 2006

'excellent', Ian Thompson, Univ. of Glasgow

‘renowned Verne scholar  … insight’, South China Morning Post, July 05

'Splendid', Ray Bradbury

'unbelievably convincing ... a continuous joy', Frederick Paul Walter, VP, North American Jules Verne Society

'Excellent', Arthur B. Evans, Professor of French, DePauw Univ.

'What an excellent edition, I love the notes, the references, and that it includes a deleted scene ...  I can't say enough good words', David Merchant, Director of Integrated Technology, CATALyST, Louisiana Tech. University

'outstanding', Rain Taxi

'vraiment exemplaire', Volker Dehs