Full-Length Films Starring Kay Kyser

Kay Kyser appeared in seven full-length films during his career, all in which he played himself. There is some discrepancies, however, as to whether he played himself in the 1944 film Swing Fever. The Internet Movie Database indicates he played a character called Lowell Blackford. Kimberly Kyser, however, believes he played himself in the film.

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That's Right, You're Wrong


Lucille Ball, Adolphe Menjou, Harry Babbitt, Ish Kabibble


You'll Find Out


Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Béla Lugosi, Helen Parrish



(1941) .

John Barrymore, Lupe Velez, Ginny Simms, May Robson, Peter Lind Hayes


My Favorite Spy


Ellen Drew, Jane Wyman, Robert Armstrong, Helen Westley


Around the World


Georgia Carroll, Harry Babbitt, Ish Kabibble, Joan Davis, Sully Mason


Swing Fever


Ava Gardner, William Bishop, Lena Horne, Trudy Irwin


Carolina Blues


Jeff Donnell, Georgia Carroll, Ish Kabibble, Harry Babbitt, Sully Mason


Source: The Internet Movie Database and E! Online


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