St. Anthony Hall
Xi Chapter

207 Pittsboro Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

Who ARE you?
We're the Xi chapter of St Anthony Hall, a national co-ed literary and artistic society with roots in the fraternity system.

Who did this page?
This page is not the "official" Hall page; see this page for the current undergraduate page.

What are people like at St As?
See Uncle Tony's On-line album for a glimpse of some of the people who congregate at the Hall. The National Scene link has links to other chapters' web sites as well.

Are you Catholic?
Er, um, no, we're not a Catholic organization. Our aim is to advance the arts -- most frequently the literary ones -- and to foster creativity amongst our brothers and sisters. We were founded on St Anthony's Day, January 17th, ergo the association with Saint Anthony of Egypt.

Who is this Tony character?
Look here for a visual representation, or try here for a not-too-bad synopsis of his life and teachings.

Swingout 1999 Pics

Uncle Tony's On-line Album

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The National Scene



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