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Dr. Gwendolyn Hall is professor emerita of history at Rutgers University, where she taught Latin American and Caribbean history. A noted New Orleans writer and historian, Dr. Hall has written four books, and developed and edited Databases for the Study of Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1699 - 1860 (2000), from which this search engine is built. Dr. Hall has received numerous awards, speaks regularly on the subject of Afro-American history, and is an elder of the African Heritage Studies Society and a Guggenheim Fellow. Dr. Hall resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Center for the Public Domain, a philanthropic foundation based in Durham, North Carolina, is dedicated to proservation of the public domain, the cultural space in which we share information, creativity and ideas. Through grant making, original research, conferences, and collaborative programs, the Center seeks to call attention to the importance of the public domain and spur effective, practical solutions and responses. Its work is animated by the conviction that new legal regimes, social institutions and transparent technologies must be created to fortify the information commons. The Center for the Public Domain is enthusiastically committed to this mission -- and to the use of innovative philanthropy and catalytic leadership to secure the future of the public domain.

Home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet, ibiblio.org is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. ibiblio.org is a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been built by the people of the State and has existed for two centuries as the nation's first state university. Through its excellent undergraduate programs, it has provided higher education to ten generations of students, many of whom have become leaders of the state and the nation. Since the nineteenth century, it has offered distinguished graduate and professional programs.