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Calendar of Events

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January 1995

  • 1/09/95 - Presentation to the Management Council of the National Archives and Records Administration, Archives II, College Park, Maryland.

  • 1/24/95 - Presentation to President and Mrs. Carter, Jimmy Carter Library, Atlanta, Georgia.

February 1995

March 1995

  • 3/10/95 - Presentation to the annual convention of the Presidential Sites Commission, Jimmy Carter Library, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Creation of the PresidentS list group for improved communications between the presidential sites community. Managed by PRESIDENT at PresidentS@unc.edu.

  • Initiated NTIIAP Round 2 grant application for PRESIDENT and other information services at LIA.

April 1995

  • 4/15/95 - Announcememt of FirstLadies, an IDEA Network of information about first ladies. Those interested in contacting FirstLadies can select the image of Frances Cleveland.
  • 4/20/95 - NTIIAP Round 2 grant summary sent to Washington.
  • 4/20/95 - Partnership with CNN to develop materials out the Reagan Presidential Libraries

May 1995

  • 5/10/95 PS174: Creation of a class at UNC on Presidency and International Conflict.
  • 5/20/95 Launching joint project with CNN on Reagan Biography, including CNN support for imrpoving Reagan Library on PRESIDENT.

June/July 1995

  • Continued development of Carter Library project.
  • Continued development of CNN project and Reagan Library upgrade.

August 1995

  • 8/15/95 Briefing of the newly confirmed Archivist of the United States, Hon. John W. Carlin, on PRESIDENT partnership.

September 1995

  • Continued development of CNN project.
  • Published Reagan Library update.
  • Published Carter Library update.

October 1995

  • 10/6/95 Published upgraded Eisenhower Library.
  • 10/8/95 Completed draft of Ford Library.
  • 10/18/95 Completed draft of Nixon Materials Staff.

November-December 1995


What's Really

January 1996

  • 1/12/96 Completed draft of Truman Library.
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