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  • PRG Bylaws: Constitution of the PRG.
  • PRG Reports: Policy Statements on issues affecting research on the presidency.

  • PRG At Work: Programs and activities of the PRG.

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Organizational Resources

Related Resources

  • US Presidents Covers all presidents.
  • US Presidents, too Ditto, covers all presidents.
  • PRESIDENT - the PRG partnership with others (including National Archives and UNC Chapel Hill) to bring the presidential libraries onto the web.
  • PresidentS - a PRG partnership to bring materials related to presidents onto the web.
  • Useful Research Sites in political science from the U of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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    PRG At Work

    This section outlines activities of the PRG. These include its standing committees and PRG Board actions.
    1. Standing Committees:
      • Presidential Libraries: To keep abrest of developments and policy issues in the National Archives Presidential Libraries System.
        • Strategic Directions - the planning/vision document for the National Archives (and presidential libraries) and other guiding documents that PRG members have helped with.
      • White House 2001 The Project designed by the PRG to help smooth the way for the new administration. Funded by the Pew Charitage Trusts.
      • State of the Discipline: To examine research needs including funding, institutionalized database support, graduate education.
    2. PRG Sponsorship:
      • Presidential Power Forging the Presidency for the 21st Century - Conference sponsored by PRG and Columbia University, Nov. 1996.
      • Call for Papers for 2001 APSA Convention.

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