Section 1.0 Introduction

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1.1 What is the Libraries FAQ?

1.2 What other FAQs might interest librarians and researchers?

1.3 Who is Don Saklad?

1.1 What is the Libraries FAQ?

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions (or, as some have suggested, Frequently Answered Questions), a periodic posting of information regularly requested on Usenet newsgroups. FAQs posted to news.answers are archived at Hypertext versions of posted FAQs can be found at:

The Libraries FAQ is a collection of basic information regarding libraries and librarianship, and an introductory guide to library resources on the Internet. The FAQ was created by Steve Bergson (, and initially arose from questions and discussions on the newsgroup Steve is also the creator of the Medical Libraries FAQ, Starting in Oct. 1, 1996, the Libraries FAQ has been maintained by Anthony Wilson, . The FAQ has been expanded to include questions and information from other library related email discussion lists. (See section 8.4 )

The Libraries FAQ was posted once a year to news.answers, soc.answers and , but there were problems with the MIT FAQ server, and the FAQ has not been posted to any Usenet newsgroups for several years. The last posted version is archived at:  A Hypertext version of the FAQ is at the Libraries FAQ Homepage: . This web based version is the most up-to-date version of the FAQ. The FAQ homepage is also where you'll find Steve Bergson's Librarians in Comics:Sources.



1.2 What other FAQs might interest librarians and researchers?

A complete listing of FAQs posted to news.answers can be found at the news.answers archive, . A more user friendly WWW FAQ archive can be found at For general information regarding the creation and maintenance of FAQs, see the Infinite Link FAQ site, (and its mirror

Some FAQs that might be of interest to librarians and researchers include: FAQ

alt.usage.english FAQ

Books (category)

How to find the right place to post (FAQ)

Information Research FAQ

rec.arts.books FAQ




1.3 Who is Don Saklad?



To see Mr. Saklad's contributions to the newsgroups, visit Don's home page, and use the "Click here for" link to the Google Usenet archives. Also, visit his Guide to Problematical Library Use, for a list of all the stories posted by Don.

See also, The Don Saklad Tribute Pages,



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