Lighthouses of Guatemala: Caribbean Coast

Guatemala is the northwesternmost country of Central America, bordering Mexico. The country has a coastline about 250 km (150 mi) long facing south on the Pacific Ocean and a short coastline facing northeast on the Gulf of Honduras, an arm of the Caribbean Sea. The principal ports include Puerto Quetzal (San José) on the Pacific and Puerto Barrios on the Gulf of Honduras. This page is for lights on the Caribbean coast, and there is a separate page for those of the Pacific coast.

Aids to navigation in Guatemala are the responsibility of the national port authority, the ComisiĆ³n Nacional Portuaria. The Spanish word for a lighthouse is faro. In Spanish-speaking America, this word is used generally for all navigational lights, large and small, although smaller lights are also called balizas (beacons).

ARLHS numbers are from the ARLHS World List of Lights. Admiralty numbers are from volume J of the Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals for Caribbean lights and from volume G for Pacific lights. Light List numbers are from NGA Publication 110 for Caribbean lights and from Publication 111 for Pacific lights.

General Sources
Online List of Lights - Guatemala Atlantic
Photos by Capts. Theo Hinrichs and Peter Mosselberger, posted by Alexander Trabas.
World of Lighthouses - Guatemala
Photos by various photographers available from

Cabo Tres Puntas Light
Cabo Tres Puntas Light, Puerto Barrios
photo copyright Capt. Theo Hinrichs; used by permission

Izabal Department Lighthouses
Puerto Barrios
Date unknown. Active; focal plane unknown; white flash every 8 s. Approx. 25 m (82 ft) triangular skeletal communications tower, painted with red and white horizontal bands. Trabas has Capt. Peter's photo, and Google has a street view, but the tower is inconspicuous in Google's satellite view of the location.. Located on a low hill about 1.6 km (1 mi) east southeast of the main quay in Puerto Barrios. Site status unknown. Admiralty J5985; NGA 110-16418.
Cabo Tres Puntas
Date unknown. Active; focal plane 40 m (131 ft); white flash every 3 s. 39 m (128 ft) square skeletal tower with gallery. Trabas has a photo by Capt. Theo (a portion is seen at the top of this page), and Google has a satellite view of the station. Located about 2.5 km (1.5 mi) east of the tip of the peninsula sheltering the bay of Puerto Barrios, near the village of Santa Inés Chicar. Site status unknown. ARLHS GUL-001; Admiralty J5992; NGA 110-16424.

Information available on lost lighthouses:

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