Seldom-Seen Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

These photos were taken in 2008 by Kelly Anne Loughery as part of a campaign to track down some of the least well known lighthouses of Prince Edward Island. Many of these lighthouses are inactive lights that were sold and relocated -- often many years ago -- to be converted or incorporated into private residences. The Canadian Coast Guard has records of what was sold, but it does not ask where relocated lighthouses go. Ms. Loughery is also known as the rediscoverer of the relocated Douse Point and Brush Wharf Range Lights, long thought to be lost.

Old Miminegash Light
Miminegash Range Rear Light
Old Northport Rear Light
Original Northport Range Rear Light
Cascumpeque Light
Original Cascumpeque Light
Old Hardy's Channel Light
Little Channel Range Rear Light
Old Cape Tryon Light
Original Cape Tryon Light
Old Shipwreck Point Light
Original Shipwreck Point Light
Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Light
Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Rear Light
Old Annandale Range Front Light
Original Annandale Range Front Light

All photos copyright Kelly Anne Loughery; used by permission.

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