Lighthouses of the United States: Utah

The U.S. state of Utah is in the center of the mountainous western part of the country, so navigation is limited to lakes. The Great Salt Lake is by far the largest lake in the state, but it has limited navigation and, so far as is known, no lighthouses.

Note: To be listed in the Directory, a lighthouse must actually serve as an aid to navigation. This means it must be located on a navigable lake or river and must be lit as a navigational aid at least during the local boating season.

Bear Lake Lighthouses
Note: Bear Lake is a natural freshwater lake straddling the border between Utah and Idaho. The lake has an elevation of 5924 ft (1806 m) and lies in the valley between the Wasatch and Bear River mountain ranges. It is about 18 mi (30 km) long and 7 mi (11 km) wide.
* Bear Lake Harbor (Garden City)
Date unknown. Active; focal plane about 125 ft (38 m); continuous (?) white light. 65 ft (20 m) octagonal tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a 3-story resort. Lighthouse painted white with blue trim. Chad Shaw has a closeup photo, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. Located near the marina of Bear Lake State Park, on the north side of Garden City and the west side of the lake. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: WorldMark Bear Lake Resort.
* Bear Lake Aquatics Base
Date unknown. Active; focal plane unknown; continuous white light. Approx. 25 ft (7.5 m) octagonal wood tower with lantern, painted white with blue trim; lantern painted blue. A photo is at right, and Google has a satellite view. The Bear Lake Aquatics Base is a Boy Scout camp located near the southeastern corner of the lake. The camp is located on Cisco Road, about 10 mi (16 km) north of the UT 30 highway at Laketown. Site open by arrangement with the owner, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Boy Scouts of America (Great Salt Lake Council).

Notable faux lighthouses:

  • Pickleville lighthouse, at the Lighthouse Pointe development beside UT 30 on the southwest side of Bear Lake, is not known to be active as an aid to navigation. Google has a street view and a satellite view.
  • Providence lighthouse stands beside exit 57 of the I-15 expressway in Cedar City. The 88 ft (27 m) tower carries a working light but it is not near navigable water. Google has a street view and a satellite view.
Bear Lake Light
Bear Lake Aquatics Base Light, Rich County
Waymarking photo copyright ChasingBlueSky
used by permission

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