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Mr. Barbecue
1381 Peters Creek Parkway
Winston Salem, N.C.
(910) 725-7827

An interesting joint. Walk right in and elbow your way into the throng at the counter just inside the front door. A waitress, dressed in all white except for her very red apron, will promptly take your order for a "Jumbo Chopped with Barbecue Slaw". Step back and stand along the wall for the brief wait until your order arrives. If you are "eating in" the tables are to either side of the counter.

The tidy Mr. Barbecue is located in Winston-Salem.

The pitmaster, Nick Carros, has made barbecue here there for over forty years in his brick pit. He learned the art from Ulysses Pope of Lexington. His son operates another excellent joint, Pig Pickins, across town near the coliseum. Unfortunately, he has also added an electric pit inside and now cooks with both. What a shame!

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