Project Links Application- Rensselaer students only

We need people experienced in Programming and in Technical Communications to help us develop Project Links Modules.

All positions are on the Rensselaer campus.

The work is ongoing year-round, so there is flexibility in the start and end dates.

Java, HTML, and Director Programmers

Project Links needs qualified programmers to construct our modules as they develop.  These modules are usually developed by RPI professors and graduate students to be used in math, science, and engineering courses.  You will work directly with the professors to take their technical material and ideas and turn them into fully functional Links modules.  You do not need to know the background material (though it doesn't hurt), but you must know Java, Director, and/or HTML for the programming positions.

We have done very little with Director as of yet, so you will have the chance to create the Director presence on Links.

We need several of each types of programmers.  The work is either part- or full-time, and pay is from $9 to $14 per hour, depending on your experience and abilities.   Preference will be given to those who can and will stay with the program for more than just one term.

Interface Designer/Multimedia Synthesizer

We need an Interface Designer. This person is our Editor-in-Chief so to speak.  This is the person responsible for the overall look, feel, and continuity of the site.  Most likely a grad student in Technical Communication or LLC is chosen, but please apply if you feel you have the talent.  A job description is here.

Here's the application for all positions.

Further questions can be directed to:

Larry Lansing

Technical Manager

Project Links

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Troy NY  12180-3590

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