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Resource for Instructors Using Project Links Modules

This page will be revised and expanded to meet the needs of instructors as the modules become more fully developed, evaluated, and put to use in classrooms.

Available Instructor's Manuals for Modules

Project Links modules will have an instructor's manual available that includes this type of information:

To receive an Instructor's Manual, fill out the following information using your college e-mail account for verification (manuals will not be made available to students and/or the general public):

** All Field responses are required, please.

Manual Requested
Gauss's Law
Electric Potential
Vibrating Strings
Constrained Optimization
Spring Mass
Mass Transport
Forced Spring Mass







State Zip


University E-mail

Course Title & Number

Are you willing to conduct a formal content review of a module? If so, please see this.

Please submit only once.

All information is being sent to:
Technical Manager
Project Links
CII 9211
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy NY  12180-3590


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