Modules Grouped by General Applied Topic

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Vibrating Strings
Forced Spring Mass
Spring Mass
Fourier Series
Linear Pendulum
Spring Pendulum
Nonlinear Pendulum
Multiple Spring Mass System
Means and Variances
Continuous Random Variables
Inventory Control
Conditional Probability
Poisson and Exponential Distributions
Random Variable Relations
Electric Potential
Electric Field
Gauss's Law
Faraday's Law and Induction
Resistance & Capacitance
Electromagnetic Oscillations
Ampere's Law
Drag Forces on Solid Objects
Mass Transport
The Gradient
Lake Pollution
Sequential Batch Reactions
Heat Conduction I
Heat Conduction II
Chemical Kinetics and Equilibria
Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor
Flux and Surface Integration
Matrix Kit
Constrained Optimization
Curvature and Curve Design
Boundary Value Problems for ODEs
Industrial Drilling
Sperner's Lemma
Graph Isomorphism


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