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Re: [nafex] NAFEX Group questions


"Raby, Brian {20-4~Indianapolis}" wrote:


To all NAFEX readers and writers:

1st question: I just received my benchgraft trees a few days ago, and am getting ready to plant them.  The directions say that I should plant them "in the corner of the garden".  However, it does not indicate how deep I plant them.  These will only be temporarily planted until I can transplant them to a permanent site, but the directions doesn't say how deep I plant them now.  I know that normally I would place the graft union 2 inches about ground, but do I follow that rule now if I'm going to replant them next year?

     My response-----------

     Plant the callused grafts about 6" deep and quickly.  Keep the root sprouts (suckers) removed as they appear, weed free, irrigated (about 1" per week) and pest free.  Also, neighborhood dogs can break them, deer can eat the tops if not protected, etc.  They can be transplanted by late October.

     You wrote------------


2nd questions: My wife and I also have a few hives of bees.  We've been getting our bee stock and queens primarily out of the Georgia area.  There is one particular hive that is unusually aggressive and we can't figure out why.  The hive did give us a great quantity of honey last year, but to work with this hive is also a big risk.  The bees are exceedingly aggressive to the point that when we work in the hive body, we have our kids, and sometimes the dog, go inside the house.  Is there a strain of an Africanized bee that we may have picked up along the way?  We can't figure out why this hive is much more aggressive than the others we have.  Any ideas out there?  We are almost to the point of destroying this hive and starting over.

     My response-----

     Work these bees during mid day (when most of 'em are gone), calm weather (no approaching fronts), and gently.  Smoke them a little at a time, at 2 min. intervals for some 10 mins. prior to opening the hive.  Do not wear cologne or aftershave or deordent when working them---some of these odors irritate them.
     The aggressive hives ALWAYS make the most honey.  They'll fly during cooler temps., etc.
     Good luck.

Ed, So. Ind.

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