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RE: [nafex] Pear leaf spot

Enie, Menie, Minie, and Moe were released by Agriculture Canada's
Central Experiment Farm in Ottawa in 1947-1949.  The original
descriptions were published in: 
Spangelo, L. P. S., W. R. Phillips, and D. S. Blair. Pears. Progress
Report, 1949-1953. Central Experiment Farm, Ottawa. P. 32

Brief descriptions also appear in:
Howlett, F. S. 1957. Preliminary evaluation of new and uncommon pear
varieties. Research Bulletin 790. Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station,
Wooster, Ohio. (This is also listed as North Central Regional Bulletin

Howlett's descriptions:

Menie bears moderately small (2 1/4" diameter), round to
obovate-pyriform, greenish-yellow fruit. Howlett rates the flavor as
poor, keeping quality as poor (softens quickly),  unattractive, and of
no commercial value.   

Minie is moderate in size (2 1/2" diameter), globular, obtuse, with no
neck, greenish-yellow, with some red blush, tender, sweet, and juicy
flesh, fair flavor with some hint of astringency, with poor keeping
quality, softening "almost immediately" after harvest.  It ripens very
early (1st week of August in Ottawa).  Howleet notes that processing
trials in Ottawa found it to be satisfactory. 

and, according to:  
Brooks, R. M., and H. P. Olmo. 1972. Register of New Fruit and Nut
Varieties, 2nd. Edition. Univ. of California Press, Berkeley.

Menie is a seedling of Kurskaya x Flemish Beauty.  Large fruit of
pleasant flavor and good quality; hardy, vigorous tree, slow to bear.
Recommendedfor home gardens. 

Minie is a seedling of Zuckerbirn x Clapp's Favorite. Fruit and tree
description is similar to that for Menie.
Both have been reported to be at least moderately resistant to fire
blight.  (Mowry lists Minie as susceptible.)

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> Subject: 	[nafex] Pear leaf spot
> Greetings all.  We recently purchased pear nursery stock which appears
> to
> exhibit pear leaf spot symptoms - raised brownish spots on most
> leaves. 
> Couple questions will sulphur control the problem or is the nursery
> stock
> likely going to have recovery problems from this condition?  Typically
> how
> devestating is leaf spot?
> Other question is anyone familiar with the Minie and Menie pear
> varieites? 
> What is the parentage and how do the trees typically perform?
> Best regards,
> Gord Hawkes
> Log Cabin Orchard
> Osgoode, Ontario
> Canada Eh!
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