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[nafex] Minie / Miney pears

A 10:28 00.05.23 -0400, Richard Bell wrote :

>Enie, Menie, Minie, and Moe were released by Agriculture Canada's
>Central Experiment Farm in Ottawa in 1947-1949.
>and, according to:  
>Brooks, R. M., and H. P. Olmo. 1972. Register of New Fruit and Nut
>Varieties, 2nd. Edition. Univ. of California Press, Berkeley.
>Menie is a seedling of Kurskaya x Flemish Beauty.  Large fruit of
>pleasant flavor and good quality; hardy, vigorous tree, slow to bear.
>Recommendedfor home gardens. 
>Minie is a seedling of Zuckerbirn x Clapp's Favorite. Fruit and tree
>description is similar to that for Menie.
>Both have been reported to be at least moderately resistant to fire
>blight.  (Mowry lists Minie as susceptible.)

I find this interesting - I have a copy of the original list # 6 of Brooks
and Olmo, which appeared in the Proceedings of the American Soc. for
Horticultural Science vol 58, 1951. In this list, short descriptions are
given for Enie, Menie, Miney, Moe and Phileson, but there is no mention of
Minie. I have often seen confusion between those 2 names (Miney and Minie)
and have always thought Miney was the right name for this pear (Brooks and
Olmo can't be wrong). Do you know which is right? I don't have access to
the original descriptions that
>were published in: 
>Spangelo, L. P. S., W. R. Phillips, and D. S. Blair. Pears. Progress
>Report, 1949-1953. Central Experiment Farm, Ottawa. P. 32

I have also seen the same confusion with Eney vs Enie names - for those, I
think Enie is the right name.

Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec

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