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Re: RE: [nafex] Minie / Miney pears

A 10:36 00.05.24 -0400, Margie Luffman wrote :
>Hello Richard. I will fax a copy of this to you. The group does include
Phileson and they are first mentioned (briefly) in the CEF Hort. Division
Progress Report for 1934-48. I'll send a copy of that too.
I would also be very interested by this information and read the original
descriptions... Also, I would like to find the origin of the Savignac pears
- 4 or 5 trees were sent to Brother Savignac at Joliette around 1947 by the
Ottawa farm, presumably for testing. I think they were unnamed selections
from this same program. 2 of these trees are still alive (at least were a
few years ago) and wood from these trees have been propagated under the
name 'Savignac'. I would very much like to see if there are mentions of
these trees in the report, and if we could find their parentage.
Thanks very much,
Claude Jolicoeur
Fax : 418-656-7415
197 Aberdeen, Quebec, G1R 2C9

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