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RE: [nafex] Minie / Miney pears

The only cultivar of the Ottawa series that I have is Miney - and it is a
very youg graft, I didn't get fruit yet.
Also, I am very lucky not to have any fire blight at my location - I can't
report on varietal susceptibility however. I am not sure I would like to
make some artificial inoculations...

A 10:08 00.05.24 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>You are correct.  I misspelled 'Miney' as 'Minie'.  I should be more
>careful.  Also, I had not known that 'Phileson' was part of that same
>group of cultivars.  The description in Brooks and Olmo sounds like it
>would be interesting to try, especially if it is truly only "slightly
>susceptible" to fire blight.  Neither parent is resistant, but we
>usually find some seedlings that are better than the parents.  Mowry and
>Oitto et al. list it as susceptible. Do you have any experience with
>this cultivar? 
>Richard L. Bell

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