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[nafex] Apple - Root Grafting Question

Hello List,

Ran into an odd problem on the in-law's farm.  They have a snow apple
tree, that sprang up from the root system of a failed tree.  It is about
5' tall and about 2.5-3" in diameter, a real good looking tree.  This is
the first year it has bloomed.

After our wind storms of late, it was cocked at an odd angle.  It appears
the trees main root takes a 90 degree turn 3" under the soil, and the
strong winds weakened it.  There are no other roots bracing the tree
upright except for this one root, which makes the turn, and offers limited

We have it braced with 3 posts now, and we do not want to loose the tree,
as it's parent was a very good tree.  It most likely needs to have roots
grafted on two sides to anchor it better.  Being a novice I am asking for
input/advice from the apple experts.

The tree is now "rock steady" with the three supports

Should we attempt to graft more roots to stabilize the tree, or allow
nature to take its course and hope it develops roots on its own.

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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Remember the good 'ol days