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[nafex] Re: grafting trials

May 28, Vann said:

"It has to be quite a shock to the rootstock to be uprooted, put
in storage, shipped, the top cut off,  scionwood  taped on and 
stuck back in the ground."

I could never get consistent results from bench grafting my own
seedling rootstocks, but noticed that almost every one of my
grafts to established, undisturbed, trees would take. Now, I just
graft my seedling rootstocks where they were grown in the garden.

This saves digging and replanting the trees, and the grafts take
right off. The only disadvantage is grafting on my knees in the
garden, but this isn't a total disadvantage. The rootstock tree
doesn't have to be held most of the time which frees up another
hand. I'm not doing large numbers of trees this way.

Dan Mason   zone 3, NW Ontario

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
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