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[nafex] arguta kiwi and frost

A recent posting about arguta kiwis and frost pushed me to add this bit of information which may or may not be useful.  My arguta kiwi (Anna, or Ananasnaya) was regularly killed back by frost for 8 or 9 years and never fruited.  I didn't chuck it, but neglected it and let it grow wild.  then it started to produce and has never failed since.  This year it was completely frozen back twice but still has produced fruit buds.  It seems that as the vine ages, there is enough energy to push reserve fruit buds that would otherwise remain dormant.  Not as much fruit, but enough to keep it where it is.  It also seems to vegetate later in spring as it ages.  Kind of like me. 
    My kolomikta kiwis on the other hand, are frozen back and fail to bloom for 8 years so far.  Perhaps because they are not so vigorous - barely reaching 5 ft. whereas the arguta goes up 7 ft. to a trellis when it spreads out.
    Hector Black. zone 6 middle Tennessee frost pocket