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Re: [nafex] Orchard Mix

I don't know about a leguminous mix, but up here in northern NH, there have
been some seedings of a type of Russian fescue that needs very little mowing,
maybe once or twice a year. This may differ in your area. We found out about
this fescue through our USDA Cooperative Extension Educator (aka the local
ag-agent). I have not had the opportunity to try it on my property but it seems
to work well where it is planted so far.
Good luck.......Vic

Gord Hawkes wrote:

> Greetings all from the wet north.  Wettest spring/early summer on record
> for eastern Ontario.  Looks like scab will be a reality in the orchard this
> year.  Looking for answers/suggestions for a couple questions.  I want to
> plant an orchard mix ground cover in our newly planted orchard focusing on
> leguminous varieties - any suggestions regarding type of mix and where in
> Ontario one can obtain such mixes?
> Next question, our orchard is organic and sulphur has not done the trick as
> a protectant partly due to poor timing on my part but mostly as a result of
> the extreme wet conditions.  Any suggestions on how to minimize secondary
> scab infection apart from continued use of sulphur?
> Hoping early summer is drier elsewhere,
> best regards,
> Gord Hawkes
> Log Cabin Orchard
> Osgoode, ON
> K0A 2W0
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