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Re: [nafex] Apple Mill/Crusher Plans?

I have 2 apple grinders - one that came with my Jaffrey press which is
manual, and a second I built 2 years ago which has an electric motor.
1- If you press more than about 20 bushells a year, I strongly suggest you
go electric. All you need is a 1/4 to 1/2 HP motor you can probably find
second hand for 20$, a pulley and a drive belt. The extra cost is minimal.
2- Make sure your axle is stainless - all metal parts that come in contact
with the juice should be stainless steel.
3- I yould avoid using wood screws for teeth.
4- For the grinder I built, I found a machinist who made an all stainless
rotating drum and axle, with stainless teeth welded. It was however
expensive. The other (and cheaper) alternative is to build a wooden drum
around the shaft. My Jaffrey grinder is built that way but I had problems
with it - the drum started sliding on the shaft. But this grinder was a bad
design - I'm sure the principle is workable.
5- I built the rest in good quality 3/4" BC Fir plywood, with 1"x1"
hardwood reinforcements.

Hoping this helps...
Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.

A 09:49 00.06.21 -0400, vous avez crit :
>Hello List,
>Let me apologize for this somewhat off topic question.
>I am looking to build an apple crusher to produce the apple pummic/pulp
>for my hand screw cider press.  The problem is that I am no machinist and
>the design will have to be old fashioned and made from wood.
>I have a steel central shaft/axle and the necessary pillow bearings to
>mount it.  I am told by an cider mill which uses a grinder from the early
>1900's that wood screws can be used as teeth (leave the heads sticking
>out) in the spiining central drum, to chew the apples.  They claim that
>screws are used to this day in their grinder/mill.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as plans or pitfalls go?
>Again, I am looking for a wood design. 
>Thanks in advance.
>Thomas Olenio
>Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a