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[nafex] Apple Grinder

For Tom Olenio:

For the past five years I have used a kitchen garbage disposal mounted
in a small table to grind my apples.  This is not a traditional method.
Our forefathers and foremothers did not have garbage disposals.
However, it works beautifully.  The apples go through there like greased
lightning, and the pomace is smooth and eminently pressable.
Apples do have to be cut at least in half to fit the throat of the
disposal, but I find that the speed of grinding and improved juice yield
more than compensates for this inconvenience.
The disposal is quite an inexpensive system to build, and you can grind
20 bu./day with no problem.  More if you are in a hurry and have some
help.  I have never seen a better system for the small-scale cidermaker.

I described my unit in some detail on this board about a year ago.
Don't know how many, if any, people actually tried it.  If you are
interested I can supply details and answer any questions.
Hope all is well up there in the land of civilized drivers.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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