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Re: [nafex] Jaffa Orange

Hi Dr. Natelson:

Thanks very much for the E-mail addy and access to the Texas budwood collection.
This is a boon for any serious citrus grower/enthusiast.
Very, very much appreciated. Wonderful to get a lead like that!
And a buck a stick is very reasonable. Heck, nobody works for nothing.
Would you or have you ever heard of Citrus Melangelo? or Bergamia? (Form of Italian-
Or might you know of, off handedly if Weslaco has any of the Microcitrus Genus?
Last question.....Promise. Do they sell seed as well or have variegated varieties.
Sorry I cheated! (2 questions) : ]

Thanks a million.

Best wishes,

"Dr. Ethan Natelson" wrote:
> Dear Citrus enthusiasts,
>      Probably more important than whether the Jaffa Orange originated in
> Palestine or Israel (the orchard may have changed its name too, if it is
> still there) is the fact that this and other named cultivars may be obtained
> in the form of virus free bud wood supplied by the Texas A&M Citrus Center
> in Weslaco, Texas, for a small fee (perhap a dollar a stick or perhaps sold
> by the bud?).  Mani Skaria, who is Professor of Plant Pathology there
> (e-mail, m-skaria@tamu.edu) has been involved in this project for some time
> and is always very helpful as are the rest of his group.  There probably are
> some restrictions as to what states they can ship budwood to.  The citrus
> germplasm collection at the Citrus Center is vast and there are probably
> very few cultivars that they do not have.
>                                       Regards, Ethan
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