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[nafex] Jaffa Orange

Dear Citrus enthusiasts,

     Probably more important than whether the Jaffa Orange originated in
Palestine or Israel (the orchard may have changed its name too, if it is
still there) is the fact that this and other named cultivars may be obtained
in the form of virus free bud wood supplied by the Texas A&M Citrus Center
in Weslaco, Texas, for a small fee (perhap a dollar a stick or perhaps sold
by the bud?).  Mani Skaria, who is Professor of Plant Pathology there
(e-mail, m-skaria@tamu.edu) has been involved in this project for some time
and is always very helpful as are the rest of his group.  There probably are
some restrictions as to what states they can ship budwood to.  The citrus
germplasm collection at the Citrus Center is vast and there are probably
very few cultivars that they do not have.

                                      Regards, Ethan

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