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Re: [nafex] Re: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

Donna wrote:

Have any of you ever owned a Jack Russell terrier?  I realize the
are in the trees most of the time, but I think these aggressive little
would make life on the ground very difficult, if not fatal.  I don't know
how well they would work, but I suggest that at least one of you try
hold of a local breeder and maybe invite them over for supper (not to
peaches, right?) and have them bring their dogs for a run.  Or offer to
board their dogs for  free when they go on vacation.  Then report back to

My reply:

When I was a kid we had a Basenji(actually a mix of Fox Terrier and
Basenji).   Anyway as a whole Basenjis are remarkable climbers.   Our use
to climb our pear tree and munch on choice fruits.   Cleared out all the
possums, ground squirrels, squirrels, and coons too.   I can't recommend
them enough.  Old Sarge could scale a chain link fence also. At first I
thought it was that dog, but found out that Basenjis are just good
climbers and love to crunch and munch little critters.   

In addition, if I recall correctly, one of our old NAFEXers was actively
breeding cats for this purpose.  He had been at it for about a decade and
I believe produced a fairly good bloodline.  Maybe one of the veteran
NAFEXers can furnish details.  

Very truly yours, the fluffy bunny

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