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[nafex] Citrus References

Hi Doreen
Thanks very much, Doreen. "You peach, you!" : ]
Where is his backyard?
BTW, still on those tiques, no luck yet. Will report.
Again. many, many thanks...
Best wishes,
Doreen Howard wrote:

I'll second Dr. Natelson's recommendation of John Panzarella's citrus
knowledge.  He is a fountain of experience and hands-on knowledge.  A trip
to his backyard is a treat and an eye-opener.  He can answer just about any
citrus question.
Doreen Howard

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From: Dr. Ethan Natelson <natelson@pipeline.com>
To: nafex@egroups.com <nafex@egroups.com>
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2000 7:28 AM
Subject: [nafex] Citrus References

Dear John,

     I don't have a copy of The Citrus Industry which is the general
reference text that people use.  Citrus Varieties of the World is a good
small reference and even the paperback Citrus, How to Select, Grow and
by Richard Ray is excellent and covers all of the prominent citrus
Jaffa with nice photos.  My daughter is an internet used book exchange
expert and has gotten me a number of excellent horitcultural books - some
more than a 100 years old - at much less cost than you might think.
Actually, I saw The Citrus Industry advertised there and was tempted but I
am really a dabbler in citrus.  One of our local citrus gurus is John
Panzarella (jpanzarella@computron.net) who has all of the prominent texts
and a large variety collection.  He has written for the California Rare
Fruits journal and the Southern Fruit Fellowship Newsletter and could
hobbiest questions in the citrus area far better than I can.

                                      Regards, Ethan

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