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[nafex] Re: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

Hi Doreen:
Not sure who it was last night said the wife said "You get a dog and you go
with him!" I could hear my darling wife echoing that very same phrase.....
I can attest from this locale, it would be a sad dreary existence for the both
of us, me and my dog, living outside.
Unfortunately "cold climate" wasn't inbred into me!
Seriously, these cats are a new breed of Abysinian/Somali and are very,
very expensive, try almost 4K for 3 kittens they are extremely rare.
Next year I will birdnet everything....
Thanks Doreen, much appreciated!
Best wishes,

Doreen Howard wrote:

Some dogs and my wolf prefer the outdoors, even on icy, windy days.  Brandy
has a dog door so she can come and go at will.  But, 85 percent of the time,
she is outside.  I've had to haul her indoors because her body was covered
with icicles from remaining in one spot treeing a squirrel.  I'd knock off
the ice, towel her down, and she go right back outside!!  She's 12 years old
and very healthy!  The only thing that drives her indoors is the heat--then
she seeks a spot on the ceramic tile floor under a ceiling fan.  Try a
Malute or other cold climate dog.

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Hi Doreen:

Unfortunately my Somali Silver & Blue Merle cats do not go out or mix
with dogs too well. Otherwise Donna's advice would have been an option too.
Sadly here, it's one or the other, dogs or cats. Cats were with us before
moved here and now are a mainstay. Another thing, just couldn't bear the
thought of owning a magnificent canine and have to make him and outside
animal when we have wind chills here to 50-60 below. I would venture an
Alaskan Malamute (Sp?) would still break my heart with a provided shelter.
Doreen, your making me drool with all those canine exploits and prowess!

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