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[nafex] Apple seed storage

Hello All:

I intend to grow some Liberty X Dolgo seedlings next year.  Does anybody
have any pointers regarding storage of seeds?  (Side note:  I am getting
interested in hard cider and want to create some easy-to-grow
bittersharp cultivars)

In previous years I stored seeds of assorted crosses in the
refrigerator.  Many of the super-hardy cultivars produce seeds with very
low chill requirements and they sprouted in January.  January is not the
most opportune time to pot-out apple plantlets.  Dolgo qualifies as a
super-hardy cultivar.

I assume that one can dry apple seeds and re-hydrate when needed.  Is
there any special procedure I need to follow?

Finally,  does anybody (Bernie) have information on the apple cultivar
September Red?  Is it worth growing in USDA Zone 5?

Best regards from a soggy, soggy, Eaton Rapids Michigan.

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