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[nafex] Re: Apple seed storage

--- In nafex@egroups.com, jhecksel@v... wrote:
> Hello All:
> I intend to grow some Liberty X Dolgo seedlings next year.  Does 
> have any pointers regarding storage of seeds?  (Side note:  I am 
> interested in hard cider and want to create some easy-to-grow
> bittersharp cultivars)
> In previous years I stored seeds of assorted crosses in the
> refrigerator.  Many of the super-hardy cultivars produce seeds with 
> low chill requirements and they sprouted in January.  January is 
not the
> most opportune time to pot-out apple plantlets.  Dolgo qualifies as 
> super-hardy cultivar.
> I assume that one can dry apple seeds and re-hydrate when needed.  
> there any special procedure I need to follow?
> Finally,  does anybody (Bernie) have information on the apple 
> September Red?  Is it worth growing in USDA Zone 5?
> Best regards from a soggy, soggy, Eaton Rapids Michigan.

I am on unsure ground on much of this but here goes:
I have a propagation book that goes into detail about how to dry
seeds and then store them in the freezer for long term storage.  
There is some procedure to it, but as I remember it didn't sound 
difficult.  Is this what you're interested in?  If so, let me know 
and I'll get the details for you.  I've never tried this myself.

On the sprouting characteristics, did you find any difference between 
sprouting characteristics whether the super-hardy cultivar was the 
pollen parent or not?  I would guess (but I'm very uncertain here) 
that the sprouting characteristics would tend to follow the female 
parent (I'm guessing Liberty is the female parent as it is listed 

I'd be very interested in hearing about your breeding results.  I'm 
just beginning to be interested in hard cider varieties.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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