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Re: [nafex] squirrel stew

Alan Garrison wrote:
> I am afraid I have only been watching these posts with half an eye
> open, so I apologize if this info is already posted.
> Brunswick stew historically is squirrel stew, although now you
> almost always find chicken substituted for squirrel.  If you get some
> of those older type squirrels the bunny was talking about, any recipe
> for brunswick stew will work great for squirrel.
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If any of our members are really interested in preparing "critters" the
URL Lucky sent us covers the subject nicely. The Brunswick Stew ain't
from New Brunswick, NJ (Home of the Boy Scouts of America) but from
Brunswick, GA (Home of Brunswick Stew). The URL is from Texas and the
squirrels there are probably the size of Bensenji Dogs, or bigger. It is
a GREAT SITE, like Texas (correctly pronounced Te has). Grandmaw left a
few directions out which are filled in at the Texas Plant Site. Thanks
Lucky. Doc Lisenby SC (Home of The Secession)Zone-Yada,yada, etc. The
dog in the Movie was "Benji". Now everybody who is in the know calls
their dog "Benji".

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