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[nafex] Re: Apple seed storage

> Some of the responses to this topic seem to be talking about long-
term seed
> storage, but the original question concerns not "storage" but
> stratification, which is a process necessary to fully mature or 
> the seeds, and to remove germination inhibitors and release the 
seed from
> dormancy. 

I guess I was under the impression that he wanted to store and then 
stratify later ( so germination would occur later ) because 

> > > In previous years I stored seeds of assorted crosses in the
> > > refrigerator.  Many of the super-hardy cultivars produce seeds 
> > very
> > > low chill requirements and they sprouted in January.  January 
> > > I assume that one can dry apple seeds and re-hydrate when 
> > Is
> > > there any special procedure I need to follow?

Stratification didn't seem to be the problem, too early germination 

I guess jhecksel will have to let us know what he was looking for.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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