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Re: [nafex] Re: Apple seed storage


I've saved seed from the Granny Smiths, Galas,  Braeburns, etc. purchased 
at the grocery, and stored  'em in a small container of corn meal at room 
temp, until I was ready to stratify them in the fridge.  Rinse well to 
remove any residual cornmeal dust - probably wouldn't hurt to run 'em 
through a 1:30 bleach solution to kill any mold spores, soak overnight, 
then stratify in the 'fridge as you normally would.  Most of mine handled 
thusly have germinated just as well as those that went directly from the 
apple into a stratification bag.  I usually forget where I've put them, and 
they all germinate before I get around to trying to  plant them out.

Lon R. sent some dried quince seed he'd obtained several years ago, and 
they germinated OK despite having been dried for an  undetermined period of 
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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