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Re: [nafex] Pestacide residue

Best thing to do is check with your certifying agency.  We were in a
similar situation - we washed out the tank with an environmentally safe
cleaner with good surfactant qualities numerous times including running the
wash water through the lines.  We also left the spray tank lid open (basket
in place) over a lengthy period of time.

Other than having the water from the tank tested we were hopeful that the
residue was considerably reduced.

Please let me know how your organic strategies work.  I've only heard good
things about kaolin.  Ensure that any sulphur formulations you use have a
good sticker/spreader.  

Best regards,

Gord Hawkes
Log Cabin Orchard
Osgoode, Ontario
Canada, Eh!
> From: Paula Taylor <paula@wildlandsconservancy.org>
> To: Janet Caprile <jlcaprile@ucdavis.edu>
> Cc: NAFEX <nafex@egroups.com>
> Subject: [nafex] Pestacide residue
> Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 6:09 AM
> Hello,
> I have a question about how long the residue from imidan  will stay in a
> tank sprayer. I'm on a large apple orchard that has used the same old
> rig for imidan , guthion etc.  for years. We have changed to organic
> (dropped the pesticides) and yet need to have a rig to spray folier
> sulfur and kaolin clay.
> Question:    Can we treat the spray rig somehow and continue to use it?
> does the residue from pesticides stay permanently in the rig?
> Thank you for your response in advance.
> Paula Taylor
> Los Rios Rancho
> Oak Glen, CA
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