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Re: [nafex] Re: Apple seed storage

.Joe wrote:
"One of the ironic things is that most modern breeding programs have
probably pitched dozens of seedlings that would meet my needs."
Back when I was in Florida and playing with Florida citrus, I became aware
that the rootstock breeding program was growing out and testing trifoliate
crosses for the rate of nucellar clones, and discarding those that made
zygotic seeds.  Since that was exactly what I wanted, I begged them for
their discards.  They have some kind of dog in the manger policy though.  No
amount of pointing out that they were technically employees of me, the
public, or that I was after all, asking for garbage, made any difference.
The fact is, that the Murcott tangor, food of the Gods, would not have been
released if it had been produced under the USDA's current breeding programs.
The tree is a dog, but the fruit is heavenly.  In those days, the USDA had
no land to grow out the crosses being made, so they were grown out by
commercial citrus growers.  I don't think the Murcott could have been kept
from spreading under those conditions, it is just too good.  Donna

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