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[nafex] Pythium root rot

    We are a small nursery and orchard business located in NW North Carolina
specializing in the collection and propagation of heirloom Appalachian apple
trees. We benchgraft our trees and raise them in plastic nursery containers.

    This year we grafted over 1000 trees and have lost close to 60% to
Pythium root rot. This is the first time we have encountered this disease in
such proportions and are desperately seeking answers concerning the biology
of Pythium. We are working closely with researchers at NC State University
to determine how the pathogen was introduced in an effort to prevent future

    We would like to ask NAFEX members for any relevant information that
will aid us in combating our current infection and help us prevent this from
recurring in the future. Have other NAFEX nursery growers suffered large
losses from Pythium? If so, what was the course of treatment?

    Thanks for your help.

Ron & Suzanne Joyner
Big Horse Creek Farm

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